Boiler Service

A service will include but not limited to:

Checking you oil tank and a risk assessment as required by OFTEC if it is the first visit or something has changed.
Checking your oil line where visible.
Checking and cleaning/replacing oil filters as necessary.
Checking and cleaning heat exchanger and baffles.
Checking and cleaning secondary heat exchanger and baffles (condensing boilers only).
Checking and cleaning condensate trap (condensing boilers only).
Check the operation of the safety devices.Service Guy
Check condition of the flexible oil line.
Remove burner and strip down.
Check and clean the electrodes and reset as necessary.
Replace nozzle (included in the service cost).
Check and clean photocell.
Check motor capacitor.
Check and clean fan wheel.
Rebuild and replace burner.
Fire and test boiler.
Perform a flue gas analysis and smoke test to ensure your boiler working at its maximum efficiency.
Leave work area clean and tidy.
Complete work sheet for your records.

My findings and recommendations will be discussed with you. No parts will be fitted without your permission,
except the nozzle which is included in the service cost.

You can expect the above to take a minimum of 90 minutes and significantly longer if your boiler is in a poor condition. If you have previously had a service taking significantly less time, I would suggest that it has not been done properly.

Service Reminders

I will send a service reminder approximately 3 weeks before the service is due on your boiler.

Boiler Replacements

I can undertake boiler replacements and system upgrades. I can advise you at the time of your annual service if your boiler is coming to the end of its useful life so that you are able to plan for its replacement at a time that suits you.


In the event of a breakdown, I will try to attend the same or next working day whenever possible. I will be happy to attend your boiler for a breakdown after normal working hours, weekends and Bank Holidays subject to my availability.

Existing customers will be given priority whenever possible.


I can give advice on your heating system when servicing your boiler at no extra cost.

Oil Tank Assessments

A risk assessment will be carried out as required by OFTEC on my first call to your property to service your boiler or to attend a breakdown.

If you are worried about your oil tank or just require an assessment,
I would be happy to do this for you as a one off just contact me.

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